"Investing in experiences helps brands to not only build connections and drive brand recall but also allows them to drive addressable sales and eventually, return on ad spend"

Sam Appelbaum 

Senior Vice President - Business Development YellowHammer

Hub42 create special events that bring individuals together and create mutual collaboration between various businesses. Our experience in planning and organising, from concept to delivery, from bookings to having someone to turn off the lights at the end of an event, is what makes us good.


In new days, where people care more about experiences, not products, events became a great marketing tool for any business.

Our events helps businesses to create customers experiences that gives them competitive advantage and helps strike successful emotional connections with clients and other business

What makes us different?

We care. We believe. We stay loyal.

We care about you and will provide experienced and professional services, always with a personal touch.

We believe that passion, knowledge, imagination and ingenuity always goes a long way.

We work closely with you to stay loyal to your vision and to bring it to life. Our friendly professionals do everything possible and impossible to make our clients lives easier and stress free.

We strive to restore the art of social interactions and to build new and exciting, long lasting partnerships.

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